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Sort of Thinking About This Offer I Got

I am not really sure what the job is exactly or if it is cool like this guy told me. He and I were in the U.S Army Rangers together about three years ago and I stayed in touch with him. At any rate he has started working for this place that provides security services for San Diego and Los Angeles. Of course most of what they provide are security guards and that is probably what I would start out as, but they also have bodyguards. That is what he does. When you are a ranger it usually means you have spent a whole lot of time putting your hands on other men. We train a lot to fight and we end up in fight every time. It is not like joining the army to learn to be a graphic designer or some such nonsense. You do not get a marketable skill like that for the job market. Continue reading

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You Can Really Tell with the Customer Care

A lot of people try to go cheap when they are getting their roofs done here in New Jersey. They don’t care about the quality of the roof so long as it keeps the water out they are happy. But when you do this you are putting yourself at risk, which I guess some of them just do not care about. They should definitely contact commercial roof installation in bergen county NJ when they are getting their roofs done because these guys are known to be the best. There actually isn’t much competition for them at all these days. All of the other options out there just fall short in comparison and that is really for one very specific reason. Customer care is pretty important and these guys take it to a whole new level. They will do anything and everything that you ask them to do for you. If you need them to teach you how to prevent your roof from collapsing again they will help you.

You can ask them anything, ask them what materials they are using or why they are doing something and they will give you a thought out answer and it will definitely make sense. So often I see people working for construction companies that have no idea why or how they are doing something. They have plans and they just follow them, oblivious to what they are actually doing. But when you hire a good company, it shows. You can tell that the employees know what they are doing and you can see that they are doing their best to give you the roof that your house needs. If they think your plans are flawed they will tell you and suggest improvements instead of just doing it anyways and watching it fall down in a few years.

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Working on a Business Plan

I am talking to the people from Reliant Energy today. I need to figure out what they are going to charge me to connect the power at this place and I want to know if I am going to need to do any modifications to make sure that the power works well enough at this location. If you click here you can see what my options are at the site I am looking at and I have to figure out what my base costs are going to be. Continue reading

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Rural Internet Issues and Modern Homework for School Kids

Here is the problem. Your children’s school is in town, and of course town has access to all of the grid. Now your house where you, your wife and your children live is in the country. Out there, just basically 10 or 15 minutes away from town, you do not have public water or even a public sewer system. You rely on well water and a septic system. Sure, you have electricity and telephone service, but the cable company’s cable does not even run out that far. The problem comes in when there is little choice in rural Internet service.

Why is it a problem? Well, in a lot of schools now all homework needs the Internet to get done. Continue reading

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Found a Little Place Near Medford

Apparently the people down the street from me are related to that kid that played basketball at Duke, Kyle Singler and now he is a pro, but I am not sure where he is playing. It might be Detroit. At any rate that is the local celebrity here, but I do not know the guy. I just got here the other day and right now I am waiting for Comcast to come by and hook up the cable tv and the Internet for me. I got the sort of deal that they show here, http://www.cable-tv.com/comcast/oregon/medford/, but I sort of figured out a way where I am not going to get in to a long term commitment. That is what usually happens. Continue reading

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Thinking About Selling This House

I would have to do a few things to get the house ready to sell. I have already talked to a painter in Morris county NJ about coming out here and putting a new coat of paint on the house. We have a bunch of sweet gum trees in the house and they have been doing the most annoying thing that sweet gum trees do, that is they are spraying down every object in the yard, the drive way and the house with a really nasty resin or goo. The wood on the side porch is a really nasty color because of it and of course it is going to start falling on it again. You have to figure out how to stop it if you want to get a permanent solution and the way to stop it is to get away with the trees that let loose all of the stuff. That would be expensive, because you got to find a guy who can drop a tree safely. Continue reading

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I Needed a Coffee Grinder

bee-house-ceramic-coffee-dripper-bkk-15l.jpgWhen my husband started to complain about the coffee I was making him every morning, I told him that he could make it himself. He decided to do that, but he quickly found out that it was not in the way I was making it, because his was just as bland. He could make it stronger, but the flavor was still missing from it. After talking with some friends who are coffee connoisseurs, we discovered that the best thing to do would be to buy a coffee grinder. They suggested the Bezzera grinder, and they gave us the website address for the company where they purchased theirs from.

Before investing that kind of money, I wanted to taste how good their coffee was though. I invited ourselves over for breakfast one morning, and the coffee that we were served was so rich and flavorful. Continue reading

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How Hard is It to Host Your Own Site?

So I started to think about having my own web page, which would be just a lot of stuff that I am interested in. It might be better to do it in more than one place. However at any rate I got to looking in to the nuts and bolts of the experience. If you are going to try to host the site on your own computer I am guessing that you would need a back up plan, at least that was the idea I got. I think you would need something like an r1soft license, which is a server back up service and probably a good idea. At least it is if you are really trying to monetize your site. I am not thinking of this as a way to make a lot of money. Continue reading

Going to Try to Quit Once More

I am going to try to quit once more, but I have to figure out a way so that I do not drive every other person around me crazy. Of course the truth is that nicotine is an addictive substance and when you try to give it up you have withdrawal symptoms. With me it makes me difficult to be around, I almost lost my job and my girlfriend the last time I tried to quit. I also gained a couple of pounds and I never quite managed to quit completely. I am thinking about trying to use ecigs as a substitute in the short term. In theory there is a lot of up side to that approach, but the obvious problem is that you are still addicted no matter what sort of delivery system you are using. The idea I have is to find some other stuff to do instead of smoking.

That is apparently the way this guy I was talking to said that he did it. It was just some random guy I ran in to in an airport lobby. We were both stranded and at some point we got in to a card game with a couple of other travelers. It was just a way to kill some time. At any rate he said that he had quit smoking about a year or so back and that he had done it by just finding some other stuff to do every time that he wanted to smoke a cigarette. Right now the leaves are falling and so instead of smoking a cigarette you can go out and use a rake to get up the leaves. The rake is to make it last longer and give you more time to not want to smoke a cigarette. You can find something else the next time.

A New Jacket for the Cold

I love the fall and winter seasons, but I hate the cold weather that comes with it, which is odd since I love to play in the snow. Being outside in the cold with your whole body freezing isn’t a fun experience. Around this time of year, I dig my jacket out of the closet and hold onto it for dear life. This year, I had outgrown my jacket, leaving exposed areas of my arms when I put it on. I looked for a new jacket to buy and found Ruffle Waters hooded pea coat jackets on sale. I always wanted to buy one of these jackets but never got around to buying one. I guess this was a perfect time as any to wear one.

My jacket came in the mail the next day because I used overnight shipping. Continue reading

The Importance of Quality Photography for Special Events

Whether a girl has been dreaming about the perfect wedding since she was young or simply wants to make the special day as stress-free as possible, hiring a great photographer can play a huge role in helping everything come together. People often take this role for granted, especially due to today’s camera technology, but an experienced photographer can make a huge difference in the end. People may not realize this at first since they can take decent photos with their digital point-and-shoot cameras, but a professional like this Orange County engagement photographer will make it clear that there is no substitution for quality and experience in the end.

For starters, the biggest factor behind hiring a professional is reliability. Continue reading

Capturing Wedding Memories Through Pictures

When my daughter told me that she was getting married, I was beyond thrilled for her. From the moment I had met her future husband, I always felt that he was the one for her. Knowing that he was going to make her happy for the rest of their lives was an answered prayer. They did not want a huge wedding, and I couldn’t blame them for that. Instead, they planned a small affair with only 80 people invited. They took care of all the details, but I looked at San Diego wedding photographers online because I knew that I was going to give them that as one of my gifts.

I married my best friend nearly 30 years ago, and my main regret is that I did not have nice pictures of it. Continue reading

The Perfect Wedding Photographer for Our Special Day

I love everything about weddings, which is why I have been planning mine for several years. I started putting together the details even before I had the right boy asking me the million dollar question! When my boyfriend did ask me though, I knew he was the right one, and he was actually happy to hand over the wedding planning to me. I had nearly everything sorted within the first week of our engagement. The final thing was finding the right photographer, and I was told to search for Los Angeles wedding photographers by Camarie to see the work that this company has done for other happy couples.

Since the final product is more important to me than anything else, I didn’t even look at the price first. I just went straight to the portfolios, and I was simply mesmerized by what I saw. To actually see the love that these people have for one another through their picture is not only a testament to their marriage but also to the expertise of the photographer who took the pictures. Continue reading

Finding the Best Source for Cyber Monday TV Deals for 2014

It sure was time for us to get a new television set for the living room. It was almost embarrassing to be the only family in the area that still was using one of the big tube type TV sets for family viewing. We had just signed up for satellite TV and DVR, and now it was time to go and get a big high-definition TV set. I started looking to see the Cyber Monday TV deals source 2014. I knew that our best chance of being able to afford a 60 inch screen that allowed 4K viewing and the best 3D was going to have to come from a Cyber Monday sale.

The Black Friday deals around here were okay last year, but we sure did miss out on some Cyber Monday deals. I just had no idea they were going to be that good for electronics. Continue reading

Limousines and Our Special Family Events

The first time I was in a limo was on my senior class prom night. My mother and father rented the limousine for my date and I because they wanted us to have a memorable prom experience and be safe. Every year there are accidents involving teens and graduation events. My parents had been in a limo twice. Once at their graduation and then for their wedding. They rented a limo from Paradise Limousine in Toronto for my date and I. It is funny how events seem to repeat themselves.

My high school sweetheart that went with me to the prom became my fiance when we were in college. Then when we got married we rented another limousine from Paradise Limousine in Toronto. Continue reading